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Ip Addresses (IPv4 and IPv6)
We will be also a recognized RIPE NCC broker and we help customers buy and sell IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

What you can do with us

Buy IP Addresses

Let us find you the best deal on the planet.

Sell IP Addresses

Let us provide a buyer for your addresses quickly and easily.

Lease ip addresse

We offer safe options for those interested in leasing.

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Buy IP Address

Offer to sell IP Address


Lease Plans That We Offer

/24 range (256 addresses)

/23 range (512 addresses)

/22 range (1024 addresses)

/21 range (2048 addresses)

/20 range (4096 addresses)

/19+ range (8192+ addresses)

/24 lease
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LIR consultancy

If you want complete control over your address space and objects

Local Internet Registry (LIR) is a term used to describe the members of the RIPE NCC. They are called LIRs because they are responsible for the distribution of address space and registration of the address space on a local level.

Opening your own LIR account will allow you to acquire a /22 IPv4 range of 1024 IPv4 addresses, up to /29 IPv6 range and register your own ASN (Autonomous System). Also, in case you have any PI address space you can transfer it into your own LIR account and save on the annual fees. You also will be able to buy PA address space independently.

Our LIR Registration consulting services include:

— preparation of required documents and papers

— submitting an application for LIR account to RIPE NCC on your behalf 

— assistance on paying the membership fees to RIPE NCC

— guaranteed /22 IPv4, /29 IPv6 and ASN acquisition

— consulting on LIR Portal and RIPE database

This is how it works 

if You buy an IP address

Acquisition request

After we get your application containing required IPv4 and IPv6 range size, your budget and additional requirements, we find an available corresponding offer from our database or wait for one to arrive.


We negotiate a Brokerage Agreement, and after your payment is secured, we begin preparing address space transfer documents.

Ownership transfer

We prepare a formal agreement between a buyer and a seller as well as all the additional papers and send them to RIPE NCC on your behalf.

Concluding transaction

After we get ownership transfer confirmation from RIPE NCC, we pay out the funds from escrow to the seller.

This is how it works 

if You buy an IP address

Selling request

Submit an application, receive our offer and agree with terms.

Ownership check

As soon as the buyer is found and the price is agreed on, we check your ownership of the network.

Agreement and IPv4 transfer

We negotiate a Brokerage Agreement, and after the payment is

secured in escrow account, we prepare formal agreement between the buyer and the seller, and then send it to RIPE NCC.


After RIPE NCC has confirmed the address space transfer, we pay out funds from escrow to you using any payment option convenient to you.

So Why You Would Choose Us?

It's All Official

We are member of RIPE NCC

We Have A Big Experience

Our workers have all competencies to make your experience fully comfortable

Efficiency & Responsibility

Our company take full responsibility at every stage of the transaction

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